Jingle balls @ Earthworx.


Here we go, its that time of year again, well ok maybe we do have 4 more Monday mornings before turkey day but who’s counting, I am! Not so much that I love Christmas because I don’t I’m no scrooge but this year I do feel a certain apathy towards the whole event. But the four days off work are quite welcome, now my day centers around my niece most that know me know we have a good bond and I’m really looking forward to seeing her face on Christmas day because unlike me she will be a mini Duracell bunny. After the presents and me eating a turkey leg it will be feet up Jack Daniels in hand and the Dr who Christmas special, then I’ll sleep till Tuesday haha.


The seat featured in the pictures is the Christmas pergola from Earthworx,  it literally has no end to the selection of poses, cuddles , Adult, Bdsm for your Christmas kink! As usual, the quality used in the textures and the build shine through, you can grab yours in world at the earthworx store or  online at the marketplace, go grab a bargain or treat yourself to an early Christmas present.






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